DesignerBoard3D provides designers with the ability to create a more interactive vision board for their clients by providing them with access to our vast 3D asset library from a variety of high-end brands.

As an experienced and talented interior designer, you need tools that reflect the quality and exclusivity of your work. 2D product photography no longer cuts it for the modern client, and even for 3D models, poor quality is never acceptable for the designer who takes pride in their work, from presentation to staging.

With DesignerBoard3D, you can select photorealistic digital assets from high-end brands like Century Furniture, Lexington Home Brands, Norwalk Furniture, and more. Complete with custom fabric overlays and full 360-degree 3D viewing, you’ll soon find that DesignerBoard3D has become an essential part of your interior design practice.

At the end of the day, we’re more than just a tool in your virtual toolbox. DesignerBoard3D is your ticket to new opportunities and more creative ways to showcase your creativity. Start that journey today.