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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.


How do I select items on the portal?

To select an item for configuration, simply go to the Product List page and select the item you wish to work with.

You can also use the search feature at the top of the page to find the specific product you have in mind.

To narrow down your results, filter for the product’s category and brand.

How do I configure an item?

To configure an item:

  1. Click the product you wish to configure from the Product List and you will be redirected to the configurator.
  2. Once your 3D product has been loaded, you can use your cursor to view it from different angles.
  3. You can use the tools to the right of and underneath the configurator to complete your design.
How do I build a sectional?

To start building a sectional, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select your desired starting sectional from the product list.
  2. Once the configurator window loads, you’ll see a section menu on the right side. Select your starting section.
  3. Continue to add or remove sections from your item by clicking the “+” or “-” icons over the item in the configurator.
  4. Once you’re finished building your sectional, simply click “Done” above the section menu and continue editing your item’s fabric, finish or other features.
How do I get images for my moodboards?

After you’ve finished creating your design, simply click “Export as image” above the configurator in product view. The image will be ready to download in just a few seconds.


Can I download 3D objects of my designs?

Yes! You can download your 3D objects directly from our platform just by clicking the “Download 3D model” button above the configurator.

What can I use 3D objects for?

Your 3D objects are ideal for use in other design software such as SketchUp. You can select your desired file format and the quality/size of the asset as well.

DesignerBoard3D 3D objects are compatible with the following platforms:

Supported Software

Does DesignerBoard3D work on mobile devices?

Unfortunately, current mobile platforms are not capable of supporting DB3D. We are currently working on increasing our platform’s compatibility with mobile devices.

How do I save a design?

To save your design, simply click on the “Save as My Designs” button. You’ll then be prompted to name your product. After this, you can find your product in the “My Designs” page.

How do I delete a design?

To delete one of your saved designs, navigate to the “My Designs” page, hover your cursor over the design you want to delete and click the trash icon in the top right corner.