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Specs and Orders

How do I generate a spec sheet of my design?

There are two ways a spec sheet can be generated:

One way is to click the “Summary” icon on the configurator. On the summary screen, click “Send”, type an email, and press “Send” again. This will send a short summary of the configured piece.

The other way to create a more detailed spec sheet is by clicking on “Create specification” and a PDF spec sheet will be downloaded to your device.

Please keep in mind any pop up blockers may prohibit downloads, please disable any blocking programs.

What can I do with a spec sheet?

A spec sheet can be used for product information of the design to show clients or as a purchase order form for the appropriate brand.

Can I order directly from DB3D?

Currently we do not offer ordering through DB3D, however you can generate spec sheets through our platform that provide you with the information necessary to submit a purchase order. If you don’t have an account with the vendor of choice, we will be glad to help you with the process for registering and ordering

How to spec a COM frame

When uploading a COM fabric image, name the fabric with the manufacturer fabric name (if available). This will help the factory understand your design and prevent miscommunication.
See How do I use the COM feature? for more details.